A New


The copyright to the screenplay of The Beastmaster has been reclaimed under copyright law by its original creators, Producer/Co-writer Paul Pepperman & Director/Co-writer Don Coscarelli. This paves the way for a new iteration of The Beastmaster to entertain audiences worldwide. 


The Beastmaster was, and is, one of the most popular films on television of all time. It ran in heavy rotation and seemed to play daily. As Billy Crystal joked on the Tonight Show, “What does HBO stand for?” “Hey, Beastmaster’s on!” TBS the flagship cable channel became known as “The Beastmaster Station.” A franchise was born as the film ultimately spawned two sequels and a successful TV series.


There is a generation of fans of the original film who would welcome a big-screen reboot of the original sword & sorcery classic and Coscarelli and Pepperman are determined to make that happen. The bronze-age hero and his furry fighting force may be coming soon to a theater near you!