We are losing a generation of independent films. Without the strong funding of a major movie studio to preserve their original materials, many beloved independent films are literally disappearing. Many independent producers do not have the understanding, financial wherewithal, or expertise to protect these original materials.


Motion picture film, by its very nature, degrades in quality over time, especially if it is incorrectly stored. Film must be stored in cool dry conditions (41 degrees Fahrenheit and 25 percent humidity is optimal). Properly stored motion picture film can survive for 500 years. However, incorrectly archived materials can degrade in months.

If nothing else the “Where is The Beastmaster” search can serve as a valuable lesson for

independent filmmakers and film enthusiasts in general, that film negatives of independent films are in jeopardy. Our cultural history is being lost on a daily basis. 


These links offer more information about the current state of film: