Simi Valley,  


The Beastmaster is filmed by Academy® Award-winning cinematographer John Alcott on Kodak 35mm negative stock.

HOLLYWOOD, California


The OCN (Original Camera Negative) of The Beastmaster is cut to match editor’s work print and moved to Consolidated Film Industries for release printing.

CULVER CITY, California

The OCN is moved to MGM as they acquired North American distribution rights.

BURBANK, California 


The OCN is moved to Turner Broadcasting/Warner Bros as they acquired TV rights. Warner Bros item ID 2806028, Vault Barcode T2806028

HOLLYWOOD, California


The OCN is moved to Producers Film Center, a private film vault service for independent producers. (Warner Bros. vault note: 04/05/2005 11:49 am :  OCN located at Producers Film Center)

VAN NUYS, California


The OCN is moved from PFC by rightsholder’s attorney and moved to his garage in his house in the San Fernando Valley, CA. (Average summer temperature in a typical garage without climate control 100 degrees F, which is very bad news for the health of the OCN.)

Rightsholder tells us his attorney sold his house and moved out, abandoning OCN. Attorney tells us he has no memory of what happened to OCN. 



From 2016 onward the whereabouts of OCN are UNKNOWN. The Beastmaster original camera negative is MISSING!


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