the lost negative

The filmmakers of The Beastmaster have received absolutely terrible news. The original camera negative (OCN) of the film has been lost. Hundreds of actors, artists, craftspeople and technicians put years of effort into the production of The Beastmaster and the resulting film has spawned a generation of fans worldwide. It boggles the mind that the negative to a movie photographed by legendary cinematographer John Alcott (Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, The Shining) could be lost. If it could happen to The Beastmaster, it could happen to any film! The loss of this negative would be a tragedy. Please help us find it!

We received devastating news that the film’s rightsholder allowed his attorney to remove The Beastmaster OCN from its climate-controlled vault in Hollywood and store it in his garage in the San Fernando Valley, California. This senseless act was highly damaging on its own as high temperatures in hot garages are destructive to motion picture film causing them to fade and degrade. Adding insult to injury, the rightsholder has informed us that this attorney sold the home, moved out and abandoned the OCN in that garage! The producer and director are sending out a desperate shout-out to all of The Beastmaster fans to please help us find it.

What to look for:


  • Most probably the 35mm OCN was stored in cans like this picture. 


  • The negative was most probably stored in 35mm 2000 foot metal cans like the ones in this photo. 


  • There are six reels inside six cans.


  • They may have labels or barcodes on it from film labs and vaults where it was previously stored, including: Consolidate Film Industries (CFI), MGM, Warner Bros., Producers Film Center.

  • The outside of the cans would also have labels which identify the title, the date (probably 1982), and a description of the contents. It would probably read “motion picture negative, do not project.” It would also be described as “Original Camera Negative” or its acronym “OCN”.


The negative would look like this